Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Rwanda: Round Two

I made it back Saturday night. The flights were pretty cool. Every time I have flown from Belgium to Kigali it was always night time; this time it was during the day. I got to see the mountains of Europe and the deserts of North Africa. They were pretty cool to see from the air.

Anyway, I got in just fine. Right now I am on my way to Kamonyi to help train the new volunteers that came in last week. I'm looking forward to it; I have never really got to participate in any other training besides my own. I'll be there all week.

This is the fifth group of volunteers that have come to Rwanda. They are the third health group. These new volunteers are living with host families, instead of on compounds, for the duration of their training. PC Rwanda staff want me there this week to help answer questions and ease their transition. I am also there because I don't have a house yet.

Before I left for the states I was in Kamembe looking for a home/office. I found an awesome place and since April the PC Rwanda staff have been working on getting it ready for me, but it is not quite ready yet. I am VERY excited to get down there and start working with the volunteers and the community.

This year should be pretty cool. I don't have much new information right now, but I bought a computer when I was in the states and the home/office should have an interent connection. In short, expect more frequent blog posts from me.

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