Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Sorry guys, but I will not be in America next week.

My departure date has been delayed until the first full week of April.

My home/office hunt was a success. I have found some housing options in Kamembe, but staff are not available to see them, approve one, and sign a contract for another two weeks. We could wait to do all of this stuff until I get back from America, but I am afraid the houses will be rented out by then and I really don't want to search for a house all over again; I would rather have all this set up before I go.

I promise I'll be home soon, though. Ihangane (Be patient).

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Party Time Pics 2

These are pictures from the 'Graduation Ceremony' that my students and I had earlier this month.

From Top to Bottom:

Immaculee talks about our time together as a class...in English, of course.

Schadrock and Immaculee present a gift to me from the class.

Nicole presents her 'Certificate of Completion' with me.

Rutambi and I get a photo together.

Justine poses with me.

Some students listen as their names are announced.

Finally, Schadrock, our MC for the night (and the class president), tells some jokes (as usual), in English.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Party Time Pics 1

These pictures are from the party the nurses and I had.

From top to bottom:

Jean Marie (the MC for the night), a nurse, talks about our time together.
Two nurses (on my left), Vestine and Dion, present me and Solange with a gift.
Me and the director of the Health Center at Rubona.
Finally, the guy the nurses hired to sing for us all night.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Party Time

These last few weeks have been pretty busy.

In February, I visited Rusizi a couple of times to look for a house/office, check out the capital city (Kamembe), and visit some of the PCVs that live in the area. As far as an update is concerned, I am still looking for a house/office. Kamembe is awesome (there is a bar there that has LIVE music [pop and traditional] from the DRC [the Congo] EVERY weekend!). The volunteers in the area are fun, excited, and hardworking; I look forward to working with them. I am actually headed out that way again really soon...to look for a house/office, of course. In fact, I may be in Kamembe for the rest of March, until I leave for America.

Because I might be in Kamembe, Rusizi for the rest of the month, I have been in the process of finishing everything up in Rubona, Rwamagana - handing over projects, packing, and saying 'bye' to people. It has been hard and easy at the same time. People are sad that I am going, but they understand AND they are very happy that I will be in Rwanda for another year; hell, they want me to move to Rwanda permanently.

Anyway, I finished my last day at the health center and I taught my last English class in late February. We (my friends, neighbors, nurses, students, and I) then scheduled two 'going away' parties, which occurred this last week. On Monday, February 28th the nurses, my neighbors, and I had a party. We had fried potatoes, roasted goat, beer, and Fanta. There were about 50 people there; the Mayor of Rwamagana District was there to celebrate with us, as well as the Executive Secretary of Rubona Sector, my landlord (Rusagara), and Rutambi's parents, just to name a few.

People gave speeches, of course. There was also a guitarist there that the nurses hired to play traditional music (as well as a few songs that they wrote for me, which were awesome and hilarious!). The nurses gave me some thoughtful gifts and I, of course, gave gifts to the nurses. We drank, ate, took pictures, and danced well into the night. It was great.

The second party was Thursday, March 3rd. This party was in honor of the students enrolled in my English class; of course, some nurses were there and a few other neighbors. In all, this party rolled about 50 people deep too. It was at the same place as Monday (in my classroom at the health center), it was at the same time, and the same type of food and drink were served.

The speeches were plentiful, the food was delicious, and the evening was very nice. We took pictures like CRAZY! I am still a little blind in my right eye because of all the flashes. The students also bought me some great gifts. I gave the class some presents as well; in addition to the notebooks, books, pens, and pencils I distributed, I also awarded students with 'Certificates of Completion;' they were especially excited to receive these certificates.

I have pictures of all of this, of course. However, the power has been out in Rubona for about a week now. My camera died Thursday night and I have been unable to charge it. The power did come back on for a few minutes yesterday, though. However, because of a huge power surge, it blew out all of my light bulbs, my phone charger, AND my camera charger! ARG!

I think I have enough juice in my camera to get the pictures onto facebook AND I want to post a blog entry with the pictures very soon. However, photos of Rusizi will have to wait until I buy another battery charger for my camera, which may not be for another month or so. *sigh* Meh.

Okay. They are kicking me out of the computer lab now. I gotta go. Keep a look out for those pictures because they are coming really soon.

Mom, Dad, brothers, and friends, see you in a few weeks!