Sunday, January 4, 2009

Taurus: Yearly Overview

As of today, it has been exactly one year since I was interviewed for the Peace Corps and was nominated for service in sub-Saharan Africa. This past year has provided great learning experiences, BUT I am sure 2008 will pale in comparison to the years I have ahead of me. Let's see what this next year has in store for me, shall we?

(Okay, so I'm NOT big into these things (horoscopes); HOWEVER, I cannot help but read them when they are advertised on yahoo's main page. As usual, it speaks in VERY general terms...but it sounds cool. I wanted to post this so at the end of 2009 I could revisit this entry and see how well yahoo's crystal ball was working...I added a few comments too...sorry if I spoil the entry by doing so, but I couldn't resist...this thing was too serious by itself...I had to rip into it a bit.)

Year 2009 Overview

It's time to celebrate yourself, Taurus (*muffled giggling*)! You are pouring yourself into your life's mission and rejuvenating yourself with abundant thinking, which attracts great things to you. You're diligently creating a public arena where opportunities will emerge for you to be a teacher or messenger. Engagements for speaking, writing and sharing your thoughts will open up. Other people will be inspired by your enthusiasm and insight, and will support you in accomplishing your goals.

Taurus's excitement radiates more than ever this year, bringing with it a magnificent energy the world has been lacking. As you embrace the power of your heart and spirit, you are allowing yourself to transform and align with a universal energy source. You discover the space for your creativity to flow and abundantly bring the truth of your being into the world (*do hippies write these things or what?*). Your focus on your connection with a higher purpose brings out the best in you and refines your self-expression.

You appreciate all the expansive shifts that are taking place in your life, and you are learning to break up routines and old patterns of rigidity. This allows you a new level of awareness and acceptance of your ultimate purpose. Pay attention to what has heart and meaning. Express your truth and you will advance. You will find avenues to bring your talents and belief systems to philanthropic endeavors. By the end of the year, you will be able to slow down a bit and find more time to enjoy the new you that you have created.

Year 2009 Career

You will be moving overseas this year. Any worry or anxiety you may feel will be overshadowed by your excitement. This new adventure will be filled with many perilous dangers. Have no fear! You will soon build the time machine you have always wanted, but, ironically, never had the time to build. You will then be able to travel to the year that the candy "Jujyfruits" was created and inappropriately rename them. This will not make you a millionaire, BUT preventing Skynet from becoming self-aware and taking over the world will! (*Okay, I made this paragraph up just now...who says I can't write for "The Onion"?!*)

(*I think Tony Robbins wrote this next paragraph*) You will discover new ways to regenerate your finances this year, as you let go of blocks and fears that are holding you back. Rethink your belief that you have to work hard for money (*note to self: if this is true, then punch dad in the face for lying to you for over 20 years*); as you evolve spiritually, you will find that this thinking no longer serves you. As you step into your creative flow, work and finances become much easier for you. You realize that you're able to manifest a dependable income when you just allow your talents to flow. As you learn to do what excites you, your enthusiasm will overflow and new opportunities will come your way. Trust that your ideas will tap into profitable avenues. When you stop placing restrictions on yourself, you will be able to move ahead and gain amazing benefits.

You enjoy giving outwardly and being in the public eye, and your life-long pursuit of developing your creative talents now has a new venue for manifestation (*note to self: research comedy clubs in Rwanda and begin booking your tour dates*). As you embrace your power, opportunities open up for public speaking, writing, performing and sharing visionary ideas with others. Through your work, you will most likely be helping people to achieve their own creative connection and a higher purpose in life. Your integrity and energy is shifting, and others are inspired by your wholeness and beauty.

The fruits of your work relationships will increase by leaps and bounds this year. Any endeavors you undertake will be very profitable, expansive and satisfying. As you open up to the creative avenues before you, you will earn bountifully, so surrender to the blissful adventure of walking down a satisfying career path! (*BOOYAKASHA!*)

Okay, I promise the next blog entry will deal more with Rwanda...I promise, I promise, I promise...maybe.

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