Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Meet and Greet in D.C.

(Pictured Here: Me with Rwanda's amb. to the U.S.)

I got into D.C. last night; registered at the hotel; checked-in with the Peace Corps; got a quick dinner with Rick; and then went to bed. Busy night!

Today I got to know the rest of the group. There are 34 of us (7 males, 27 females; 2 married couples; everyone is in their 20s or early 30s) and everyone is REALLY fun and interesting. This morning we had some preliminary training that outlined the policies and procedures of the Peace Corps, then we went to a "Meet and Greet" in the afternoon at Peace Corps HQ. Pictured here are photos of me at the event. I was able to snag pictures with the Director of the Peace Corps and the Rwandan ambassador to the U.S! The Peace Corps Director had some AWESOME stories and the Rwandan ambassador and his second in command had some GREAT advice. I was nervous to talk with them at first, but, in true Emmett fashion, I lightened the mood by telling a couple of worked! Humor transcends cultures, I'm tellin' ya!

Tomorrow is the BIG day! In the morning we get tons of vaccinations. In the afternoon, however, we get to start traveling the world. The next entry I post should be full of pictures of Brussels, Kigali, and Butare. I cannot post many of them on this blog, BUT if you have stumbled onto this blog and want to see the pictures, then feel free to send me a facebook friend request...granted you have facebook. Facebook allows me to create better photo albums, so I am using that application. Soooo...check my facebook page soon!

Anyways, all is well; I'm really excited, but I miss you all. More to come...

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